These are the civilized races of Canton.


Humans make up the largest percentage of Canton’s population, and many of them hold prominent roles. They were a civilization on the rise before the invasion. The hero Canton was a human.


Ibixian are a hardy race of goat-folk, great fighters and warriors.


Warforged are a race of constructs designed during the war specifically to neutralize many of the tactics of undead. They were never created in large numbers, but the ones that were created were highly effective. New warforged have continued to be produced in limited numbers since the end of the war.


The race known as couatl in Canton are a less-powerful version of the extraplanar creatures. They came to the Prime Material plane during the war, with the understanding that they would not be able to return to their home plane, for fear of spreading the undead plagues. They were instrumental in stemming the tide of undead.


The Planetouched are those who have been altered by contact with other planes of existence. The most prominent in Canton are the Shadow Touched, or Shadar-kai, who are infused with negative energy from the Plane of Shadows. Many such were created during the war by followers of Orcus. However, they are not inherently evil, and many are staunch opponents of Orcus and his legions.


Hengeyokai are a race of shapeshifters, capable of taking the form of small animals.


While not technically a member of Canton, dwarves are not an uncommon or unwelcome sight within the theocracy. During the invasion, they fell back to their mountain holdfasts and held out for decades against undead, surviving without the aid of the Erathis Coalition.


Elves were once a prominent people in the lands that would become Canton. However, very few are left in the world now. They were particularly vulnerable to the undead, and most perished, or fled back to the Feywild, where they became Eladrin. The few remaining elves include a disproportiante number of powerful wizards and master swordsmen and archers.


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