The Erathis Campaign

A century ago, Orcus, the Demon Prince of the Undead, launched an invasion of the Prime Material campaign, waging a long, grueling and destructive war that threatened civilization with annihilation. When things seemed darkest, a coalition was formed, headed by clerics and paladins of Erathis, the Goddess of Civilization. Slowly, this alliance pushed the undead legions back. In a final, epic battle, Canton, the Hierophant of Erathis, sacrificed his life to banish Orcus.

In the years since, a theocratic nation has been formed, called Canton in tribute to the great hero. The new nation has faced many challenges in reclaiming the cities and farmlands devastated by the undead, and rebuilding what was lost. Grudges and tensions that were set aside during the desparate war years have begun to rear their heads once more. Bandits, monsters, and undead left over from the war still lurk in the ruins and at the fringes of the civilized lands.

Your group of adventurers has been chartered by the Church to deal with such problems.

Erathis Campaign